About FYT Wine


FYT Wine is a Berlin-based importing and distribution company passionate about sharing the stories and dedication of small wine producers.

We believe that every bottle of wine has a captivating tale of hard work, creativity, and craftsmanship behind it.

We carefully select exceptional wines that embody the unique ideas, perspectives, and lifestyles of the winemakers. Our selection boasts outstanding quality and reflects the terroir and sense of place of each wine.

By understanding the winemaker's stories and traditions, we can better appreciate the wines they create and share their narratives with our customers.

Our focus is on naturally made, authentic wines rich in identity. We believe that wine should taste good and embody the essence of its origin. FYT Wine was established to create an exclusive and incredible experience for wine enthusiasts.

We strive to showcase diverse wines and create a platform where unique, authentic, and exciting wines take centre stage.