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Ferdy Wild

Eremyth Gin - Ferdy Wild

Eremyth Gin - Ferdy Wild

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Eremyth results from experimentation never done before to create a distillate from a single plot of ranza-cut alpine meadow. It is a provocation, an identity concept of a mountain that struggles between tradition and the future.

Ferdy’s energy and perfumes from the Val d'Inferno are expertly distilled by Florian, a distiller in Alto Adige, giving life to this WILD SPIRIT to mix or enjoy neat.

Eremyth combines the art of distillation with extreme research into mountain culture.

Eremyth is a mountain, arrogance, tradition, challenge, effort, future, and family.

It is the desire to fully experience our home, the meadows, the woods, the cows, the ringing bells; it is the mountain alive and experienced, hopeful for tomorrow.

500ml bottle

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