Collection: Nicola Gatta

Nicola is one of the most passionate and humble people we met, his love for wine and winemaking is inspiring. The winery is located in Gussago, a village on the eastern border of Franciacorta, around 400m above sea level. Although he is in the appellation, Nicola decided not to be part of the DOCG Franciacorta, to free himself from the constraints of the denomination and leave maximum expressiveness to his territory. Gussago has a unique terroir, it raises on a hilly area on the border of Pianura Padana, north west of Brescia. The soil is pure limestone, and it donates an incredible tension and vibrance to the wines, which are driven by a distinctive minerality. Nicola mainly makes Traditional Method sparkling wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and 2 very limited still wines, a red wine from Barbera and Marzemino grapes, and a white from Chardonnay. In the cellar he vinifies exclusively with spontaneous fermentations, without practicing filtration or clarification and not adding sulphites at any stage. The intention is to enhance a territory rich and diverse, and to produce wines that fully represent it. Beside being an incredible winemaker, he is a great drinker, always looking to understand new wine region and winemakers and discover new wines. He has a unique attention to details, always seeking to make the best and most representative wines, improving himself and refining his technique. A true wine artisan.
Nicola Gatta