Collection: Ansitz Dolomytos Sacker

The small winery in South Tyrol is just a few kilometers from Sankt Magdalena in the Eisacktal, above a steep slope at the foot of the Ritten sunny plateau. Founded at the end of the 1990s by the agronomist and passionate Greek mythologist Rainer Zierock, it was not so much his wines but his mystical estate and his unconventional methods of cultivation and vinification that quickly attracted attention. In addition to the Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio varieties that are widespread in South Tyrol, Zierock also planted Greek varieties, which he all planted together as a so-called "mixed set" in his vineyards and matured in small oak barrels with a capacity of only 150 liters. As a free spirit and scientist, Rainer Zierock showed little interest in marketing his wines. After the unexpectedly early death of Rainer Zierock in 2009, his heirs rejected the estate. In 2013, the winery was bought at auction by the oenologist Norbert Marginter, who not only acquired the vineyards and winery, but also a well-stocked wine cellar, whose treasures date back to the year 2000 and were gradually brought onto the market by Marginter. Marginter has now handed over day-to-day business to his daughter. The current owner, Norbert Marginter, went to great lengths to at least roughly trace the origin of the wines. The white cuvées from older vintages are both extremely spicy and unique and still good for many years of maturity. If there will still be wines from Zierock's creative period for the foreseeable future, that's thanks to Marginter, who has carried on Zierock's legacy in the vineyard and in the bottle. 

Ansitz Dolomytos Sacker