Collection: Trebbiano

The Trebbiano grape variety is widely cultivated in various regions worldwide but holds a special place in the heart of central Italy. Known for its versatility, Trebbiano is grown in areas such as Abruzzo, Tuscany, Umbria, and Marche.

Trebbiano wines are typically crisp, light-bodied, and refreshing. They often exhibit flavours of citrus fruits, green apples, and a subtle herbal note. This grape variety is also known for its high acidity, contributing to its vibrant and lively character.

The central Italian climate plays a significant role in shaping the wines from Trebbiano grapes. With its warm summers and mild winters, this region experiences a Mediterranean climate ideal for grape cultivation.

The ample sunshine and moderate rainfall allow the grapes to ripen fully, producing wines with balanced acidity and optimal fruit expression. It is often blended with other grape varieties to enhance the complexity and depth of the final wine. It is commonly used in blends with Sangiovese, the primary grape of Tuscany, to add freshness and acidity to the renowned Chianti wines. Trebbiano is sometimes blended with Malvasia, another aromatic white grape, to create fragrant and floral white wines.