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Chardonnay, the definitive tasting - Tuesday 23rd January

Chardonnay, the definitive tasting - Tuesday 23rd January

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Chardonnay, loved or reviled, is arguably the most versatile white wine grape.

Date: Tuesday 23rd January

Time: 6pm

Venue: FYT Wine, Stargarder Straße 62, 10437 Berlin

Without a dominant flavour of its own, Chardonnay can take on a wide array of aromas depending on where it is grown and, particularly, how it is made.

Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety that is used to produce white wine. It is widely grown throughout the world, with notable regions including Burgundy, France, California, and Australia. It is a versatile grape that can be used to make a variety of styles of wine, from crisp and unoaked to rich and full-bodied.

Its flavour profile can include notes of green apple, lemon, peach, and melon, as well as hints of vanilla and oak if aged in oak barrels. Some of the best expressions of Chardonnay come from Burgundy where it is the undisputed star of the white wine scene, renowned for its exceptional expression in this iconic French wine region.

The terroir-driven nuances of Burgundy, with its diverse soils and microclimates, offer Chardonnay a unique canvas to display its versatility. This grape variety in Burgundy yields wines that are celebrated for their elegance, complexity, and finesse. The region boasts a rich history of winemaking, and many of its natural wine producers have embraced biodynamic and organic practices to further amplify the authentic character of Chardonnay.

In Burgundy, Chardonnay is the embodiment of purity and balance, a harmonious symphony of flavors that dance across the palate, showcasing the essence of its terroir like no other.

All wines will be tasted blind.

Limited seats to 12 people.

The tasting will be held in English.

You need to be 18+ years old to attend this event.

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