Collection: Valdisole

Valdisole was born at the beginning of 2015 on the Roero hills, in a small town called Corneliano d'Alba, in the heart of the Langhe. Giuseppe and Kyriaki do not originate from a family of winemakers. Their first vineyard was bought online, on a website specialized in used things! It was half of a hectare of abandoned and shabby Nebbiolo. That's how Valdisole was born. Today that old vineyard continues to be expanded with addition of both young and old vines between 3 and 60 years old, planted on an altitude of 380 meters a.s.l. The main part of the vines are located on a pretty steep hill, exposed to south. Some plots are very sandy, some other have clay layers on top but still with high sand concentration. When digging the soil they found hundreds of sea shells, sea fossil and tiny marine stones. Roero still doesn’t get the attention it deserves, probably because it's kept behind by the kings of Langhe: Barolo and Barbaresco. Though it has a lot of potential and a lot of identity. While the Barolo area is a stretch of just vines, Roero is more wild, with a landscape that alternates vines, forest, crops of nuts trees, more genuine and diverse. We work with Giuseppe and Kyriaki since the beginning, and yet they manage to impress us with every new wine and vintage, improving exponentially every time. They experiment a lot, alway curios to try new methods of winemaking, but they also always manage to express their terroir and their grapes characteristics. They are always moving forward as well as refining their roots and retuning what they’ve done till now. Giuseppe and Kyriaki are motivated by a great passion for wine and love towards everything that is original. Every vintage represents Giuseppe and Kyriaki’s idea of a specific wine in a specific moment.