Collection: Bergianti

Vini Bergianti is a project part of Terrevive farm. The farm was born in 2008 on 16 hectares of land in the village of Gargallo di Carpi near Modena. From the start it has strictly followed  the Biodynamic method and its exclusive agronomic technique. Principles such as sustainability, biodiversity and respect for the forces of nature are the pillars of this community. Gianluca and his team produce wines mainly from Lambrusco grapes, seasonal vegetables, aromatic herbs, cereals and traditional fruits. All the activities including the educational farm, the social farm and the presence of various animals on the farm itself, contribute in creating a complex organism which is the base of the Biodynamic concept and of traditional agriculture. In fact they see themselves as traditional farmers. The vineyard grows on a loamy-sandy terrain  where the Lambrusco grapes find their maximum expression. Each process  from pruning to harvest is strictly manual. They grow plants in autumn in alternate rows, and then in late springtime they use the result as green manure, a natural fertilizer. Autumn and spring are the times for Biodynamic procedures to regenerate the soil. The intention is to bring in the cellar grapes that are healthy and lively. In this way they only guide them during the vinification process with no enological interference. The wine varieties are the expression of natural agricultural complexities, not merely the result of a wine making technique.