Collection: Gaudioso

Gaudioso passion for their roots and land and desire to contribute to agri- food production in the territory have driven them to combine tradition and innovation.

They believe that the development model of the agricultural sector should be clean, healthy, and respectful of the soil and its delicate ecosystem.

The family offers authentic, genuine, and precious products for their diet, cultivated in the hilly areas of Partanna and Salaparuta, dedicated to oil and wine production for millennia.

The family has undertaken a company reconversion path that follows natural cultivation methods, placing men in tune with the earth and the universe that welcomes them.

They practice cultivation methods that respect the land and protect its fertility using green manure, compost, and biodynamic preparations to nourish the soil and fight plant diseases simply with copper and sulphur.

The winemaking process involves spontaneous fermentation. No chemical stabilisation or clarification is practised, allowing the wine to express the territory and vintage authentically. This process relies on the quality of the raw material and its natural transformation for a reliable outcome.