Collection: Calalta

Calalta is a small winery situated at the foot of Grappa Mountain in Veneto. The vineyards are located on a altitude between 150 and 200 meters a.s.l. In 2017 Nicola, the son, overtook the winery of Calalta and, together with his girlfriend Giulia, are now taking completely care of the vines and the wine production preserving the authentic characteristics of the ecosystem where the vines grow without using any chemicals. The majority of the work in the vineyard is done by hand and under organic management. They mainly grow Riesling, Bronner, Cabernet Franc and Syrah amongst others. In the cellar they do select each grape carefully in order to have a quality and healthy result and to allow a low intervention method. The wines are obtained with spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered, and with strictly natural processes. Every wine is a reflection of the unique characteristics of the territory and of each vintage. Experimenting is a must in Calalta’s Winery and reflects the desire of Nicola and Gulia to always improve themselves.