Collection: Fabio Gea

Fabio Gea winery is located in Bricco di Neive, in the heart of Barbaresco, region that grow to the Northeast of the city of Alba. Barbaresco has a lower altitude than Barolo, and is closer to the river Tanaro, which provides a warmer influence. Soils present a mix of limy chalky marls with clay and sandstone.
Fabio worked for a number of years as geologist for different corporates, when he decided to go back to Bricco di Neive. He got the land from his maternal grandfather Notu, he brought the vineyards back in to shape and started making wines. Fabio makes wines mainly out of Nebbiolo grapes, in and out of the Barbaresco DOCG. He also makes wines from grapes like Dolcetto, Barbera, and Grignolino. He has a total of 0.9 hectar, and additional plot he was able to rent. All work in the vineyard is done by hand, with minimal treatments. In the cellar he uses his own crafted porcelain, as well as other amphoras and big barrels. He produces a total of 5000 bottles divided in around 18 different wines depending on the vintage. The wines of Fabio are very identitarian of himself and the land. Some lines of more classic, but some others are totally outside the box, different from probably everything you tasted in the area, and from Nebbiolo grapes.
Fabio Gea