Collection: Vicente Marino

Way back in 1901, grandfather Santo Marino, who migrated to the Basque Country, soon understood that the great experience and tradition of Sicilian salters combined with the excellence and richness of the Atlantic catch would produce salted anchovies that were extraordinary both in size and quality. He thus decided to settle in small Orio, which soon became a destination for Sicilian artisans who were pioneers of the art of salting. He passed on his knowledge to his son Vicente, who continued and expanded the business.

More than a century has passed, and even today, the business is carried on by children and grandchildren who are always ready to testify that "Vicente Marino" anchovies still represent an excellent preserve for the preserved fish market.

Now, the "Vicente Marino" brand does not only mean anchovies among the largest and tastiest in the world but also delicate sardines, mackerel and tuna caught by rod and hand-processed along the coasts of the Cantabrian Sea.

Vicente Marino