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A Natural Wine Tasting

A Natural Wine Tasting

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Tuesday 21st March, 6pm Stargarderstrasse 62, 10437 Berlin.

More and more people are getting hooked by delicious tasting and awesome coloured wines, experiencing something they never had with conventional wines.

What are Natural Wines exactly?

Long story short, it is "just" fermented grape juice!

Why "Just"? Because in Conventional Wines a lot of stuff can be added, or taken away. While Natural Wines are, pretty much, just fermented grape juice.

There are not regulations, rules or certificate that say that a wine is natural.

Natural wine-making is driven by great passion for wine, love for the land and the nature, ethical approach to agriculture and to life in general.

In this tasting we will at least 5 different wines and (maybe) more, made with different winemaking technique, each of one will be characterised by a singular profile.

A fun evening tasting wines with some snacks, for all those people curious to know a bit more about natural wine and wine in general.

Limited seats to 12 people.

The tasting will be held in English.

You need to be 18+ years old to attend this event.


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