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Bubbles Tasting - From PetNat to Champagne

Bubbles Tasting - From PetNat to Champagne

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Thursday 30th March, 7pm - Stargarder Strasse 62, 10437 Berlin

We all love bubbles!

Though they can be so different, depending on frape variety, region and vinifaction method.

Sparkling wines are probably the most underappreciated wines in the world.

Millions of people view a glass of Champagne, or any other sparkling wine, as the ideal vehicle for celebration or as a simple aperitif, few of them ever consider it as a wine.

Champagne exists in our culture as a commodity, a brand, a thing. This is no accident. The mass-marketing of Champagne over generations masks the fact that as a wine region it is as diverse and compelling as any other great region in the world. And bubbles in general are so different, intersting, elegant, funky as any other wine.

In this tasting we will taste 4 different Sparkling wines, from a PetNat to Champagne.

We will taste differences and similarities.

As all our tasting, we will only focus on natural wine.

The table will be set up with bread, cheese and charcuterie, to snack around while drinking.

A fun evening tasting wines with some snacks, for all those people curious to know a bit more about natural wine, sparkling wine and wine in general.

Limited seats to 12 people.

The tasting will be held in English.

You need to be 18+ years old to attend this event.

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