Collection: The Allure of Dolcetto


The term "dolcetto" originates from the low natural acidity of the berries when fully ripe, despite the wines being typically dry. Because of its early ripening, it is particularly well-suited for cooler, higher-altitude locations where Barbera and Nebbiolo may face challenges to ripe fully.

 In the past, Dolcetto was the favoured grape variety in Piemonte, commanding higher prices than Barbera and Nebbiolo. However, The decline in sales during the early 2000s led to a crisis for Dolcetto, which slowly lost its prominence over Barbera and Nebbiolo in the region. 

It seems incredible that there was a time—not too long ago—when producers "forced" customers to buy a bottle of Barolo to also have Dolcetto. 

There are various reasons behind the decrease in popularity of Dolcetto wine. These include climate change, the emergence of the Flavescent Doree virus, attempts to change the wine's original essence, advancements in vinification techniques for Langhe Nebbiolo, and a negative perception of Dolcetto as a mass-consumption wine, and this situation has put at risk a vine that once played a crucial role in the region's economic sustenance after the war.

Delivering exceptional wine from the Dolcetto variety poses a significant challenge for winemakers. The unique combination of low acidity and high tannins in the grape needs a delicate balance that requires skilful handling. The finest Dolcetto wines are deeply coloured, soft, round, and fruity, renowned for their fragrant qualities and balanced acidity. Optimal outcomes are achieved through gentle extraction and shorter maceration times, preserving the wine's freshness. Transforming robust tannins into velvety textures while maintaining the grape's distinct aromatics and fruit purity results in an irresistibly smooth and enjoyable wine. 

PROS might be that enhancing the quality of vineyards by eliminating those in unsuitable areas can potentially unveil the true essence of this grape variety and create room for the finest wines to truly shine.